Rozalia & Adam S.

Rozalia & Adam S.

Now that the pictures are hung and endless boxes are unpacked I can write this letter with the deserving gratitude my husband and I would like to express for Stephen Moreno.  His title with BrandMortgage is Mortgage Loan Officer, however he goes beyond his call of duty.  Throughout our quest to purchase a home he exemplified pure professionalism, knowledge of industry, and communication.

Our client relationship with Stephen began in 2015 when my husband and I started discussing the idea of homeownership.  His professionalism outshined competing loan officers we had consulted with.  At the time my employment was salary plus commission and I had less than two tax returns to verify my average income. Stephen did not let this hurdle discourage us from applying.  Instead he explored all avenues and provided clear understanding how to strengthen our financial circumstance to be approved, whether it was then or in the future. Stephen’s professionalism and instinct to help his clients achieve their life goal when there were financial barriers is why we chose to reapply with him when we had improved our financial standing in 2017.

I would tell Stephen, “I am only accepting good news today!”  His knowledge in the industry gave him an advantage to respond to any hurdle optimistically.  He utilized all resources throughout our loan process to reassure us we were moving forward.  He and his knowledgeable team worked seamlessly together to provide clear direction for us and left no room for error.

Stephen’s communication is his strongest attribute.  Whether it was at 8:00am or 8:00pm Stephen answered every question or concern I had instantly.  There was no grace period I had to wait for a response from him.  There was no time for my worries to fester.  He was there every step of the way to inform my husband and I during the loan process.  Stephen communicated with all sectors involved in the loan process and in return updated me. His communication eliminated our stress, lightened my involvement, and executed the loan process efficiently.

I would say Stephen Moreno provided great customer service, but he didn’t.  He provided beyond what customer service defines! My husband and I are very appreciative for his professionalism, communication and knowledge.  There is no one else I would recommend to my family and friends to support them in purchasing a home.  Stephen is blind to $100,000 mortgage versus a $100,000,000 mortgage.  He treated my husband and I with the utmost courtesy and I gladly write this letter to say an endless thank you!


Rozalia and Adam S.

Rozalia & Adam S.
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